Integration engine to manage and configure healthcare data

Secure web-based, customer-driven integration and connectivity solution used to map and route transmission data for healthcare systems.

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Map and control your transmission connectors, define the type of message that the connected device or healthcare system will transmit.


Manage your transmission endpoints, define the mapping from the source transmission to one or more destinations and their required message format.


Send and receive secure data transmissions using encryption with compression for efficient data transfer that meets cybersecurity standards.

End-to-end Connected Health Solution

The TAC Portal is a secure connectivity solution used to receive and collect transmissions and medical data, with the capability to map and route data to one or more healthcare systems using a variety of messaging formats and standard healthcare protocols.

The TAC Portal supports HL7, FHIR, ASTM, POCT1A, JSON, CSV as well other common database and file formats.


  • Reduce connectivity impactRoute and map your data to integrate legacy systems with new technology and protocols.
  • Remove development costsIntegrate all your device, hospital and lab systems with configurable data mapping.
  • De-identified dataRemove personally identifiable information (PII) to prevent unnecessary data transmission.
  • Improve data securityApply encryption and compression to your transmissions to protect data and aid efficiency.
  • Reduce implementation costsSpeed up your deployments with scalable emulation to support product validation.

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