Who we are

We are an experienced ISO 13485 certified development agency who specialise in connected and digital health.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to support organisations, charities and countries through the convergence of digital technology with healthcare to enhance systems and processes to accelerate the treatment of patients around the globe. Through our TAC Portal, we aim to help reduce costs and minimise connectivity impact while improving security and reducing data costs.

We have a proven track record in the implementation of connectivity solutions and our ISO certification is a demonstration of our commitment to quality.


We aim to provide a clear and secure web based administration portal for the management of transmission connectors and give administrators complete overview of their customer account and associated medical data.


We partner with LMICs, NGOs and medical device manufacturers in order to provide functional connectivity solutions and we are happy to collaborate with organisations to meet the bespoke requirements of individual projects.


If you require devices to interface with hospitals or labs, or need to operate in remote areas with poor or no connectivity, we have the development capability to help you overcome hurdles and have a reliable system in place to connect healthcare operations.

Our Product Leadership Team

We are a team of experienced specialists in the Digital Health field. We conduct pioneering work in the world of global connected health.

Jeremy Cripps

Lead Developer

Hannah Chappell-Cary

Test Manager

Patrice De Boeck

Customer Experience Manager

Luke Harrington

Development Director

John Bruce

Lead UX Designer

Jack Regnart

Lead DevOps

James Fry

Managing Director

Michael Shafeie

Product Manager

Michael Raisbeck

Cyber Security Engineer

Matt Kerley

Business Development Manager

Marc Whittingham

Technical Director

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